Week 6 pick – 49ers at Lions

How long can our boys keep this going? They now have the best start since 1956, and the bet I have seen in my lifetime, so far by a Lions team. It has went from “I hope they win this week” to “they should win this week”. But could we stay upset if they were to lose a game? Or is it that we know the schedule gets tougher after the bye week and want as many wins as possible before that happens?

One thing is for sure, the Lions will face tougher competition as the season goes on. What is also true is that the Lion’s opponents will also face a tougher Lions team as the season goes on! Sure they will eventually have a setback, all teams do (just ask the reigning super bowl champs). But if this is truly the year the Lions make the playoffs, they will have to learn and improve as the season progresses. People are saying the Lions will have their hands full when they take on the 49ers this Sunday, but the same will be true for the 49ers.

Look for a close hard fought game with a few timely defensive plays and a 2:00 drill to seal the win!

Lions 30 49ers 24

Go Lions!



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