Week 4 pick – Lions at Cowboys

Are we cursed? You may be asking ..what? The Lions are on a great start in 2011. 3-0 is the best start since 1980. If they were to continue the streak, it would be the best start since 1956 (the year before the Lions won their last pre-super bowl era championship and start of the supposed curse of Bobby Lane!) That year the Lions started 6-0. The 2011 Lions are only half way to that mark, but as fans we sure are excited. Ok ..so enough curse talk.

This week the Lions travel to “Jerry Land” to play a banged up Cowboys team. If Dez Bryant joins Miles Austin (better receivers than Calvin? Yeah right!) on the injured non playing player list, this game will be even tougher for the Cowboys. They would essentially become a two trick team, the run, and Jason Witten. That would be a recipe for disaster if the cowboys can’t get to Stafford on defense.

I will admit it.. When I was coming up with my preseason prediction of 10-6, I had the Leo’s losing this game. So what do I do when I come to the first week that I had them losing, but now I feel they can win? Go with the heart….

My pick:
Lions 30 Cowboys 20

4-0 here we come. Bobby Lane is behind us now, after all, he and Stafford did go to the same high school!



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