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Week 8 – Lions at Broncos

October 30, 2011

This week our Lions head out on the road to stop their 2 game losing skid. They face a confident Broncos team that just had an emotional come back win. Sound familiar? The Lions have treated us to a few of these the first few weeks of the year.

Some think this game is an automatic win, but in the NFL there is no such thing. Were the Lions as bad as their 2-10 record last season before their 4 game win streak? All records aside the Lions should and need to win this game. I believe they will, but they have to play a full game to their ability, something they have not done this season.

Stafford is the difference….
Lions 20 Broncos 14


Week 7 – Falcons at Lions

October 23, 2011

The Lions find themselves in a surprisingly new situation : trying to bounce back after a loss, right after another new situation of trying to match the intensity of their first Monday night game in over a decade. It was a loss that should not have happened, but a loss none the less. This is the NFL where teams lose games they should have won, and win games they should not have won, any given Sunday.

The Lions suffered some adversity this past week when it was revealed that Jahvid Best suffered another concussion, and will miss at least 1 game. To make matters worse, the trade that dealt Jerome Harrison to the eagles in exchange for Ronnie Brown, was voided due to Harrison having a brain tumor. I wish all the best to Harrison for a quick recovery. So now your starters for this week are Maurice Morris and Kieland Williams. Morris performed solidly in his fill in duties for Best the last 4 games of 2010. Morris may not posses the home run speed of Best, but is a solid hole hitting back who will average 3 to 4 yards a carry. Williams is similar to Leshoure in size an speed, but has not gotten the opportunity in the NFL to show of he can compete. Look for the Lions to try to get these 2 going early. If they can get anything going in the run game, that should help Stafford pick apart the Falcons secondary.
Also, watch the defensive front to try to rattle the Falcons’ Matty Ice, another trouble area for the Falcons in 2011.

My pick :
Lions 30 falcons 20.

Week 6 pick – 49ers at Lions

October 16, 2011

How long can our boys keep this going? They now have the best start since 1956, and the bet I have seen in my lifetime, so far by a Lions team. It has went from “I hope they win this week” to “they should win this week”. But could we stay upset if they were to lose a game? Or is it that we know the schedule gets tougher after the bye week and want as many wins as possible before that happens?

One thing is for sure, the Lions will face tougher competition as the season goes on. What is also true is that the Lion’s opponents will also face a tougher Lions team as the season goes on! Sure they will eventually have a setback, all teams do (just ask the reigning super bowl champs). But if this is truly the year the Lions make the playoffs, they will have to learn and improve as the season progresses. People are saying the Lions will have their hands full when they take on the 49ers this Sunday, but the same will be true for the 49ers.

Look for a close hard fought game with a few timely defensive plays and a 2:00 drill to seal the win!

Lions 30 49ers 24

Go Lions!

Week 5 pick – Bears at Lions – MNF

October 10, 2011

The game we have been waiting over a decade for….Monday Night Football featuring get this ….the Lions! They are the feature team of this weeks Monday night matchup. Not the division winner and NFC championship finalist from last year – Chicago bears. I’ll admit that while I had high expectations for the Lions heading into this season, I did not see 4-0 heading into this game.

This game will give the Lions another chance to exorcise more demons. Chicago narrowly escaped the Lions twice last year. The worst of them being the loss in week 1 that ended with what looked like a Calvin Johnson TD. And don’t forget the injury to Matt Stafford. I personally believe that if Stafford does not go down last year, the Lions win both games.

I think the Lions will be extra motivated in this one and look to make a statement. They may also have Nick Fairley on the D line which will help Suh. Cutler better hope the run game is working.

Plus, I will be there and that should count for something!

Lions 38 Bears 27

5-0? Hopefully.

Week 4 pick – Lions at Cowboys

October 2, 2011

Are we cursed? You may be asking ..what? The Lions are on a great start in 2011. 3-0 is the best start since 1980. If they were to continue the streak, it would be the best start since 1956 (the year before the Lions won their last pre-super bowl era championship and start of the supposed curse of Bobby Lane!) That year the Lions started 6-0. The 2011 Lions are only half way to that mark, but as fans we sure are excited. Ok enough curse talk.

This week the Lions travel to “Jerry Land” to play a banged up Cowboys team. If Dez Bryant joins Miles Austin (better receivers than Calvin? Yeah right!) on the injured non playing player list, this game will be even tougher for the Cowboys. They would essentially become a two trick team, the run, and Jason Witten. That would be a recipe for disaster if the cowboys can’t get to Stafford on defense.

I will admit it.. When I was coming up with my preseason prediction of 10-6, I had the Leo’s losing this game. So what do I do when I come to the first week that I had them losing, but now I feel they can win? Go with the heart….

My pick:
Lions 30 Cowboys 20

4-0 here we come. Bobby Lane is behind us now, after all, he and Stafford did go to the same high school!