Week 2 pick – Chiefs at Lions

So here we are, week 2 and the lions are heavily favored to be a 2-0 football team by the end of it. What a difference a couple of years makes huh? The Lions have not given people any reason to doubt that they are a legit up and comer. This week poses a unique challenge for Detroit. They must come out and play well against a 10 win playoff team from last year that Most people have given up on. The Chiefs had a horrible performance in their home opener against a Buffalo Bills team that is Establishing a solid D line. Losing their best defensive back in that game is huge blow to the chiefs.

Are the chiefs really taking a huge step back this season? Or are they setting up Lions fans for the ultimate scam? This will play out tomorrow in the comfortable climate controlled Ford Field. The heat and humidity took it’s toll on Stafford especially last week. Jim Schwartz made reference to Stafford not being able to move around as much due to the cramping that had him limping around. Could you imagine if the Lions would have been at full strength(no cramping) for the entire game? It would have never gotten close enough to have an onside kick scenario! I believe the Lions will be up for this game and so will the chiefs. Schwartz will not let this team get complacent or to be fully satisfied with any win, and that’s what makes this Lions team different. The Lions can not be expected to win every week, but this week is different.
It is the home opener.
It is sold out.
Ford field will be loud.
The Lions have confidence and swagger for a change.
The Lions have a front office and coaching that is fully competent.
“knock on wood” the Lions are healthy where it counts.

This year just feels different!
I can not explain it but, in my whole life following the Lions, I have never seen this balance and direction. It is like watching a young patriots team (pre dynasty) finding themselves.
I am not saying they will win a championship this season, but we finally have a team that is exciting to watch, and that the nation deems to have a good enough product on the field to get behind. The future looks bright for at least another week!

My pick: Lions 37 Chiefs 20

Go Lions!



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